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09:46pm 12/06/2004


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to el jon-0, Riz, Chad, Leo and j3v0n. 
11:52pm 06/03/2004
  I would personally like to hope for a safe and fun tour. i hope to see all of you guys back in one piece. especially for the flaming cocks.

Info page...... 
08:34pm 19/12/2003
  Yeah, so I have no idea what to put in the "interests" section.
I'd like to have all 140 spaces filled, so if you have ideas, just leave them in a comment and I'll be sure to add them to the list.
Thanks kids!
Email Update from Jonathan! 
08:25pm 19/12/2003
  What tha dilly? Huge thanks go out to everyone who made it to Evolution last Saturday for our CD
release show.. We were so stoked and had a lot of fun.. Seeing not only a ton of kids from
Lakeland show up and rock out, but also people from Orlando, Brandon, Tampa, St Pete, and
everywhere in between was awesome.. We really really appreciate it.. So far response to the new
record has been great, definitely consider picking up a copy from the next show or online at the
website if you just can't wait.. We'd definitely appreciate it...

Speaking of the website, with the release of the new CD, So East of Everything, a lot of changes
and new things are taking place with the wish.. First of which is our brand spankin new
website... Check it out at www.asyouwishrock.com and let us know what you think... New layout,
new photos, new everything.. We definitely plan on updating it a lot more frequently and have a
lot more plans for it in the future but definitely give it a look over and let us know what you
think.. You might also notice the new e-mail as well.. asyouwish@asyouwishrock.com is the best
way to get a hold of us in the future... www.sixfingeredman.com will still get you to the site
and asyouwish@sixfingeredman.com will still get to us but try and make the switch if you can...

Our show this Sat the 19th in Ocala was canceled for some mysterious reasons.. We're pretty
bummed about that, but hope to be back to rock Ocala soon.. We definitely want to play as many
places as possible before we head out on the road for a good part of 2004 if all goes well so if
you can help us in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, Miami, Lauderdale, West
Palm, Atlanta, SC or anywhere in the south let us know.. We'd love to play...

Monday Dec 22nd at State Theater in St Pete might be our last show of 03 so it's definitely
going to be a party and something you should try and make it out to if you can... There's no
school so there's no reason not to go, and if you didn't get a chance to snag our CD at the
release show you can pick one up.. Sweet... Hope to see ya there...

Lots of new updates and excitement of all sorts coming soon... Stay posted and keep rokken...

On with the rock...Collapse )

That's possibly the last show of the year so definitely come out if you get the chance.. Pick up
a new CD and rock out with us.. Thanks for all the support.. hopefully we'll see ya soon...
01:56am 14/12/2003
  The show was totally amazing. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity, Jon. The cd is totally great. Frames is amazing on the cd. So is Try as I Might. That is the new favorite song. Later times man. Keep in touch.

I need As You Wish pics!!!!! 
02:55pm 03/12/2003
mood: happy
Does anyone have a few good pictures of the band?
The user info page needs some better pics of our lovely boys, so help me out if you can.
Please email all pics to Alura81@hotmail.com
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Email Update from Jonathan!! 
02:52pm 03/12/2003
  Seasons Greetings, or something like that... Definitely have some good news, at least good to
us... The new stuff is coming along well. We're definitely stoked on it and hopefully you will
be to... One of the first places you can get to hear a few of the new songs is coming up shortly
at... brace yourselves (it's been a LOOOONG time coming)

The As You Wish CD Release Show at Evolution Records on Dec 13th!!!!!

Yeah I know, we're just as shocked as you are that it's finally coming out so definitely try and
make it to the show if you can.. Our boys Shot at Sunrise and our homie Travis will be rokken
out with us so it's gonna be a good time... And get this, 6 bucks gets you in the show and a
FREE copy of the new CD.. That's right a FREE CD.. Couple that with your first chance to hear a
few brand new Wish tunes (and last chance to hear them for awhile since we can't just be playing
all new stuff) makes it one show you definitely don't wanna miss...

If you can possibly make it to the show we'd definitely appreciate it.. Lakeland isn't that far
from Tampa, St Pete, Orlando, Ocala, Texas (well ok TX is a bit far) etc... It'll be a fun show,
plus you get a free CD.. Carpool, make a day of it, have fun, live life etc... Also if you can
help us flyer for the show we'd really appreciate it.. Get in touch and we'll e-mail you a copy
of the flier to pass out or feel free to stop by Evolution and I'll get you some there...
Hopefully we'll see some of you at the show...

On with the rock...Collapse )

That's all for now, definitely try and make it out to the CD release show if you can... It would
mean a lot to us.. So much in fact we're giving you stuff. Can't beat that with a stick now can
Email Update from Jonathan! 
04:43pm 28/10/2003
  Yo... Happy Halloween, almost! Halloween is by far the coolest ever.. So is the new Texas
Chainsaw Massacre (though 2 is till my favorite).. and so is Dynamite Boy! The week of dates we
did with those guys was absolutely incredible.. I don't think we've ever had that much fun
playing shows and being out on the road. We definitely wanna thank those guys for letting us
play with them,( as well as the promoters and other bands we played with) hopefully we'll be
doing some more stuff with them soon and we want to thank everyone that came out and supported
the shows.. They are an amazing band and we thank everyone who managed to make it out to see
them.. Rock...

We've been writing a lot and just focusing on some stuff we've been neglecting for a while..
Definitely stoked on having the opportunity to do that... The CD is being pressed as we speak.
More info on release dates as soon as we book em.. That's all for now... Make sure you go out
for Halloween and celebrate all things dark and spooky.. Oh yeah.. DRESS UP!!!!! You have to,
that's an order.. and send me pics of your costumes.. I'm a dork like that...

On with the rock...Collapse )

That's all for now, should have some more stuff confirmed shortly.. Take care and keep rokken
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Email update from Jonathan! 
06:44pm 10/10/2003
  Hey what's shakin? We've been busy writing some new stuff and finally sending our CD off to be
pressed. It's been so long we're not even excited about it anymore so I'm sure all of you guys
are over it, but hey.. It's actually gonna happen.. More info on the release shows soon... We're
definitely excited to be heading back to Ocala this Friday so definitely try and make it out if
you can. If anyone wants to help spread the word on that show get in touch, we'll e-mail you a

We're also incredibly stoked to be doing 5 shows with our friends from Texas, Dynamite Boy next
week as well as a few in there home state in November... We could really use everyone's support
at these shows and trust me, Dynamite Boy are amazing and you don't want to miss them.. If you
can help flyer get in touch...

Plans are in the works for our return trip to Texas and Dates are set. From Nov 7th-23rd we'll
be out on the road... If you can help us get a show get in touch, we definitely want to play the
places we hit up last time as well as a few new spots.. If you saw us on the last tour,
definitely try and make it out this time and bring a friend or two...;)

On with the rock...Collapse )

That's all for now, get in touch if you can help with anything or just wanna say hi...
Email Update! 
03:38pm 24/09/2003
  What's shakin? So we made it home from tour alive and well even though we almost didn't.. Taking
the wrong train from Manhattan to the Bronx and wandering around searching for your van at 3 am
for a couple hours isn't something I recommend... It seems every time we go out the tours just
keep getting better and better and this was no exception... Thanks so much to all the bands we
played with and kids we hung out with who made this tour awesome... Extra big props to our boy
Mike (Slur/Smeegle) for representing on this tour with us and doing a great job selling our
stuff and dealing with our crap... We definitely had a great time and can't wait to hit it up

Highs: Leaving, Megan's House, Freddy Vs Jason, Breakfast at Megan's House, Drill Sergeant Wake
Up Calls, Cul de Sac Football, Downtown Baltimore, CT Kids, Reject Clothing, Almost dying while
ordering food at Hubbas, Almost dying from eating food from Hubbas, Dorm room showers, Late
nights, The Sanctuary in Stroudsburg, Cruising the strip in half shirts and Pink Sweaters,
Vintage Porn, Crazy Mountain Roads, Incredible Scenery, Our boys in Your Day Stremph, Nu Metal
stickers on a sceney guys bedroom wall, New York City, Carson Daly Show, Nappy Roots, Jimmy
"Metal Erosion" Hubbard, Philly Cheese Steaks, Rage of the Needle Delaware Style, Lorenzo's
Pizza, Molesting the Rocky Statue, Shepherds College, Finding out people in West Virginia really
do know how to party, Free food in Painseville, Playing ROYGBIV with blast beats, Embracing our
Inner Goth in Columbus, El Mariachi 24 hour Mexican Food!!!, Getting to see pics of certain band
members with mullets from the Jr High days, Mike's amazing technique of insulting kids, Ashley
from Reckless Industry, Riz Vs Slur wrestlemania and the Insane amount of idiocy that followed
resulting in way too much exposure with the photographic evidence to prove it, and the sense of
satisfaction you get from not having to wake up and go to work the next morning...

Lows: 17 hours drives featuring engine problems and blowouts that rip the fender off your
trailer.. Playing a show for 12 kids following said drive... Getting sick, Shows with 2 local
bands that have a whopping 4 kids paid, 3 of which came to see us, the band from 1000 miles
away.. Being subjected to the stories of wannabe tough guys for far too long, 3 am wake up calls
from campus security, Pretentious Scenester kids (Florida has nothing on the scenester level of
the kids in NY ), Getting lost in the Bronx (mainly just the walking and the impending sense of
death), Getting sick, again, The aftermath of finding out people in West Virginia really know
how to party, Being propositioned by some not so savory locals in Painseville, Realizing none of
us own enough black to be cool in Columbus, Kid without enough geographical knowledge to know
Florida = Far, pretentious scenester kids (again), and coming home....

To anyone and anything I forgot, I'm sorry.. It's 2:45 AM, forgive me?

We've got a few shows coming up so try and make it out if you can. We're making our first ever
trip to South Florida this Friday so if you live in that area or know anyone that does try and
come out... We're also heading back to Texas from around Nov 7th to the 21st.. If anyone can
help us out this time around.. please get in touch... Take care, hope to see you soon...

On with the rock...Collapse )

That's it for now.. Thanks so much for the support, on tour and at home.. Hopefully you can make
it out to a show soon... Definitely need some help with setting up some good shows in Texas for
Nov and possibly making a run back up the East Coast in early December.. Get in touch if you can
help... Keep Rokken...
02:18pm 19/09/2003
mood: okay
well i never really post in this community. only when i see them live and that was once. but this time i'm posting with my site. you should check it out if you want. i just got an interview up with Jonathan. so if you wanna check it out go here:

you should so sign the guestbook. and you heard of band slut by me, alexa :). much love
12:04am 04/09/2003
  i don't care if there wasn't many people there tonight. i felt bad that there wasn't but, only thing that matters is that i was there. and yes in fact they are great live. finally after about 10 months i finally saw them. and like i have said before, i'm saying it again. i love as you wish and you can't do a damn thing to stop me. haha. much love, alexa  
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03:58pm 01/09/2003
  you guys played awesome sat. nite, i really got into it. too bad those little asshole had to go and be immature and have a little fight. anyway, you were def. my fav out of the whole night. have fun on tour. be careful...oh and chad, i emailed you.  
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Email update from Jonathan! 
02:39pm 29/08/2003
  What the haps?

Last e-mail update (hopefully) before tour. Still have a hole or two, but hey, that's rock n
roll.. If anyone can get a show cool. If not, atleast give us a few pointers on some stuff in
the area to occupy our time.. Defintely check out a show, bring some friends, call your
relatives, etc... We could use the support...

Definitely try and make it out to the two Florida dates on the tour... We're playing the slammin
kick off party in our home town of Lakeland at Evolution Records with our boys in Death After
Texas and Phat Angus then crusing down to our home town away from home St Pete to rock State
Theater with Free Sample, ER, Chubby Tuff, and Clearly Blurred.. Good times..

Hope to see ya at a show....

On with the rock...Collapse )
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Email Update from Jonathan. 
06:00pm 24/08/2003
  Yo, what it be?

We actually decided it would be a good idea to maybe post a few of our tour dates in case any of
you wanted to come out and see us.. They're listed below.. If you can help flyer, show us around
town, feed us, or give us a place to crash please get in touch.. We'll definitely take you up on

We could still use a few dates in the NJ/NY/PA area around Sept 4th, 9th, and 10th so if you or
anyone you know can help us out with a show please get in touch...We could really use the

Have a few shows coming up in lovely FLA before we depart.. Make it out if you can... We'd love
to see ya before we left...

On with the rock...Collapse )

Guess that's it for now... If you can help fill in a show or give us a place to crash/something
to do we'd love you for life... Take care, hope to see you soon...
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Email Update from Jonathan! Weeeeeeeee! 
12:18pm 07/08/2003
mood: good
What up? A few shows and what not so lets get to it...

Big ups to everyone who played (My Hotel Year and Arthur Woodale) or came out and rocked at the
show in Lakeland last Friday.. Hopefully you can all make it out to the one in Lakeland this
Saturday... Definitely come out and try and have some fun... The show in St Pete should be
rokken as well with our homies in DKLIMB, WGD, and Cru Jones... We'll see how it goes...

If you or anyone you know can help with shows in the Carolinas, GA, VA, or Tennessee get in
touch.. We could use some help in those states especially.. Anywhere South of Canada is game
though so feel free to get in touch if you can help, we need it...

On with the rock...Collapse )

Take care, check out a show... Hopefully we'll see ya soon... If you can help with any of the
tour dates or places to play in Florida please get in touch.. Keep Rokken...
Email Update from Jonathan! 
10:23pm 29/07/2003
  Yo, some shows coming up you should check out if you can including a few in Lakeland for
everyone we've been neglecting.. Definitely can't wait for those so make sure and come out and
chill... We're still waiting on a few details and confirmations on a few of the shows but
hopefully all goes according to plan and we'll be able to bring the rock...

This Friday, August 1st , is gonna be off the hook. Everyone in Lakeland needs to be there... My
Hotel Year, Arthur Woodale, As You Wish.. It doesn't get any better unless Guns N' Roses
(original line up) showed up and rocked the place... Come early, bring your friends, and anyone
wanting to flyer or anything get in touch.

We are still in the process of getting dates for the East Coast and Mid West for Aug/September.
If you live anywhere South of Canada and East of Texas and can help with a show let us know...
Hopefully we'll see ya soon, come out to a show if you can...

On with the rock...Collapse )

Take care, check out a show... Hopefully we'll see ya soon... If you can help with any of the
tour dates or places to play in Florida please get in touch.. Keep Rokken...
Take the As You Wish quiz! 
01:19am 05/07/2003
  I've never made a quiz before, so I'll be the first to admit that this quiz sucks.
But hey, it was fun to make and relieved some boredom.
My Quiz ResultsCollapse )
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Late but still valid 
07:11pm 03/07/2003
  I want to say the show in Tarpon Springs was a blast. Ten Times and As You Wish ("or Fag You Wish as we're also called") played a great show and despite getting horribly lost, stupid drunken redneck opening bands, and bagpipes I had an amazing time. It certainly wasn't my first show and won't be my last either. Now come on guys... hurry up with the cd, and I'm not just saying that so I can play the release party.  
11:38pm 01/07/2003
  Well, the guys are in the middle of their Texas tour.
I haven't heard from them, but a friend of a friend says that all is going well.

If anyone has been to any of the tour shows, please let us know how it went.

Thanks for supporting As You Wish!
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