Laura (alura) wrote in the_wish,

Email Update from Jonathan!

Yo, some shows coming up you should check out if you can including a few in Lakeland for
everyone we've been neglecting.. Definitely can't wait for those so make sure and come out and
chill... We're still waiting on a few details and confirmations on a few of the shows but
hopefully all goes according to plan and we'll be able to bring the rock...

This Friday, August 1st , is gonna be off the hook. Everyone in Lakeland needs to be there... My
Hotel Year, Arthur Woodale, As You Wish.. It doesn't get any better unless Guns N' Roses
(original line up) showed up and rocked the place... Come early, bring your friends, and anyone
wanting to flyer or anything get in touch.

We are still in the process of getting dates for the East Coast and Mid West for Aug/September.
If you live anywhere South of Canada and East of Texas and can help with a show let us know...
Hopefully we'll see ya soon, come out to a show if you can...

Friday Aug 1st
Restoration Church
6606 South Florida AVE
Lakeland, FL
Arthur Woodale, My Hotel Year, As You Wish
Doors 7:30, $5
This show is gonna be off the hizzy so there's no excuses.. be there...

Saturday Aug 9th
Rumored Show going down in Lakeland... Could be very interesting if all goes according to plan

Sunday Aug 10th
St Pete, FL
Cru Jones, DKLIMB, and Hopefully As You Wish.. not 100 percent confirmed for us, but either way
it's DKLIMB and Cru Jones... go there anyway

Sunday Aug 17th
Seminole, FL
Hasting, As You Wish, and more TBA

Take care, check out a show... Hopefully we'll see ya soon... If you can help with any of the
tour dates or places to play in Florida please get in touch.. Keep Rokken...
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