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Email Update from Jonathan! Weeeeeeeee!

What up? A few shows and what not so lets get to it...

Big ups to everyone who played (My Hotel Year and Arthur Woodale) or came out and rocked at the
show in Lakeland last Friday.. Hopefully you can all make it out to the one in Lakeland this
Saturday... Definitely come out and try and have some fun... The show in St Pete should be
rokken as well with our homies in DKLIMB, WGD, and Cru Jones... We'll see how it goes...

If you or anyone you know can help with shows in the Carolinas, GA, VA, or Tennessee get in
touch.. We could use some help in those states especially.. Anywhere South of Canada is game
though so feel free to get in touch if you can help, we need it...

Saturday Aug 9th
Pep Boys Parking Lot (on the North Side)
4405 HWY 98 N
Lakeland, FL
Death After Texas, As You Wish, TenXaDay, Shot at Sunrise, Inception Phat Angus, No Cameras, and
6PM and it's FREE, a FREE show.. you gotta go now...

Sunday Aug 10th
St Pete, FL
Cru Jones, DKLIMB, As You Wish, The Wheelchair Getaway Drivers, and more
7pm $5

Sunday Aug 17th
Seminole, FL
Hasting, As You Wish, and more TBA
6pm.. i think...

Take care, check out a show... Hopefully we'll see ya soon... If you can help with any of the
tour dates or places to play in Florida please get in touch.. Keep Rokken...
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