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Email update from Jonathan!

What the haps?

Last e-mail update (hopefully) before tour. Still have a hole or two, but hey, that's rock n
roll.. If anyone can get a show cool. If not, atleast give us a few pointers on some stuff in
the area to occupy our time.. Defintely check out a show, bring some friends, call your
relatives, etc... We could use the support...

Definitely try and make it out to the two Florida dates on the tour... We're playing the slammin
kick off party in our home town of Lakeland at Evolution Records with our boys in Death After
Texas and Phat Angus then crusing down to our home town away from home St Pete to rock State
Theater with Free Sample, ER, Chubby Tuff, and Clearly Blurred.. Good times..

Hope to see ya at a show....

Saturday Aug 30th
Evolution Records
Lakeland, FL
As You Wish, Death After Texas, and Phat Angus
7:30pm, $5
This is the official AYW East Coast Tour Kick Off Party so everyone try and make it out yo!

Anyone who wants to help flyer for this show get in touch and I'll e-mail you a sheet you can
print out or you can swing by Evolution Records and pick some up from there...

Sunday Aug 31st
State Theater
St Pete, FL
ER, Free Sample, As You Wish, Chubby Tuff, and Clearly Blurred
7pm $7 in advance, you can buy tickets from us so get in touch with us to get some...

As You Wish East Coast Mini Tour

Definitely a few dates we could still use some help on.. We have a few offers but nothing solid
yet so if anyone's doing anything in Jersey/NY/PA/The New England area, get in touch... If you
need directions or show info, get a hold of us. We don't get our e-mail much on tour, but we'd
love to see ya so we'll do our best...

September 1 Monday Richmond VA
The Nanci Raygun ( Early Show ) 6 pm
Prom Queen, Almost Always, When All Else Fails, Spunk

September 1 Monday Richmond VA
House Show (2438 w grace st) starts at 9
Vindication, The Falling Action

September 2 Tuesday Baltimore, MD
The Side Bar 8pm
The Opposed, Minus One

September 3 Wed. Baltimore, MD/DC
Charm City Art Space 7pm
Three Prong Outlet, Elospeh

September 4 Thursday Help?

September 5 Friday New Canan CT
Your Day Strong, Decoy, The Good Fight, The Pster Child
Out Back Teen Center 7pm

September 6 Saturday Stroudsburg, PA
Over The Edge 6pm
Moscow Dynamo, Despite Best Intentions, Common Decency, Leave it Blank

September 7 Sunday Long Island
The Oasis 3pm
Your Day Strong, The Escape Engine, Life Before This, Flashlight Arcade, The Brand

September 8 Monday *OFF* Tourist Time

September 9 Tuesday Help

September 10 Wed. Canton Oh/Sheppard College WVA pending confirmation...

September 11 Thursday Painseville OH
Nemeths Lounge 8 pm
Bad Habit, Jackknife Powerbombs

September 12 Friday Columbus Ohio
Midgard Comics 7pm
Gainsay, Fairwall, Blairstown, In an Instant

September 13 Saturday Columbia SC
New Brookland Tavern 5pm
Chasing August, The Decemeber Tragdedy, The Diary of Decemeber

Guess that's it for now... If you can help fill in a show or give us a place to crash/something
to do we'd love you for life... Take care, hope to see you soon...
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