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Email Update from Jonathan!

Yo... Happy Halloween, almost! Halloween is by far the coolest ever.. So is the new Texas
Chainsaw Massacre (though 2 is till my favorite).. and so is Dynamite Boy! The week of dates we
did with those guys was absolutely incredible.. I don't think we've ever had that much fun
playing shows and being out on the road. We definitely wanna thank those guys for letting us
play with them,( as well as the promoters and other bands we played with) hopefully we'll be
doing some more stuff with them soon and we want to thank everyone that came out and supported
the shows.. They are an amazing band and we thank everyone who managed to make it out to see
them.. Rock...

We've been writing a lot and just focusing on some stuff we've been neglecting for a while..
Definitely stoked on having the opportunity to do that... The CD is being pressed as we speak.
More info on release dates as soon as we book em.. That's all for now... Make sure you go out
for Halloween and celebrate all things dark and spooky.. Oh yeah.. DRESS UP!!!!! You have to,
that's an order.. and send me pics of your costumes.. I'm a dork like that...

Saturday Nov 1st
Seminole/St. Pete, FL
Oddlaw, Free Sample, As You Wish, Phoenix Foundation, Leach, and Dauntless
3:00PM, $5/$7
(early show that ends at 9:00 so you can still go out and party it up afterwards so come on

That's all for now, should have some more stuff confirmed shortly.. Take care and keep rokken
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