Laura (alura) wrote in the_wish,

Email Update from Jonathan!!

Seasons Greetings, or something like that... Definitely have some good news, at least good to
us... The new stuff is coming along well. We're definitely stoked on it and hopefully you will
be to... One of the first places you can get to hear a few of the new songs is coming up shortly
at... brace yourselves (it's been a LOOOONG time coming)

The As You Wish CD Release Show at Evolution Records on Dec 13th!!!!!

Yeah I know, we're just as shocked as you are that it's finally coming out so definitely try and
make it to the show if you can.. Our boys Shot at Sunrise and our homie Travis will be rokken
out with us so it's gonna be a good time... And get this, 6 bucks gets you in the show and a
FREE copy of the new CD.. That's right a FREE CD.. Couple that with your first chance to hear a
few brand new Wish tunes (and last chance to hear them for awhile since we can't just be playing
all new stuff) makes it one show you definitely don't wanna miss...

If you can possibly make it to the show we'd definitely appreciate it.. Lakeland isn't that far
from Tampa, St Pete, Orlando, Ocala, Texas (well ok TX is a bit far) etc... It'll be a fun show,
plus you get a free CD.. Carpool, make a day of it, have fun, live life etc... Also if you can
help us flyer for the show we'd really appreciate it.. Get in touch and we'll e-mail you a copy
of the flier to pass out or feel free to stop by Evolution and I'll get you some there...
Hopefully we'll see some of you at the show...

Saturday Dec 13th
Evolution Records
Lakeland, FL
with Shot at Sunrise + Travis and His Guitar
8:00 PM, A measly... $6 not only gets you in the most rokken of rokken shows, but you also get a
FREE copy of the new CD.. That's right a FREE CD.. How can you pass that up.. It doesn't take a
senior year physics major to do the math on that one...

Friday Dec 19th
Easy Street (?)
Ocala, FL
As You Wish, Killing Cupid, Starting Over, and more TBA...
6:00 PM (might be later) $5

Monday Dec 22nd
State Theater
St Pete, FL
Chubby Tuff, As You Wish, Truly Sunday, Don King Lives In My Backyard, and Suckerpunch
7:00 PM $5/$7

That's all for now, definitely try and make it out to the CD release show if you can... It would
mean a lot to us.. So much in fact we're giving you stuff. Can't beat that with a stick now can
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