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Email Update from Jonathan!

What tha dilly? Huge thanks go out to everyone who made it to Evolution last Saturday for our CD
release show.. We were so stoked and had a lot of fun.. Seeing not only a ton of kids from
Lakeland show up and rock out, but also people from Orlando, Brandon, Tampa, St Pete, and
everywhere in between was awesome.. We really really appreciate it.. So far response to the new
record has been great, definitely consider picking up a copy from the next show or online at the
website if you just can't wait.. We'd definitely appreciate it...

Speaking of the website, with the release of the new CD, So East of Everything, a lot of changes
and new things are taking place with the wish.. First of which is our brand spankin new
website... Check it out at and let us know what you think... New layout,
new photos, new everything.. We definitely plan on updating it a lot more frequently and have a
lot more plans for it in the future but definitely give it a look over and let us know what you
think.. You might also notice the new e-mail as well.. is the best
way to get a hold of us in the future... will still get you to the site
and will still get to us but try and make the switch if you can...

Our show this Sat the 19th in Ocala was canceled for some mysterious reasons.. We're pretty
bummed about that, but hope to be back to rock Ocala soon.. We definitely want to play as many
places as possible before we head out on the road for a good part of 2004 if all goes well so if
you can help us in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, Miami, Lauderdale, West
Palm, Atlanta, SC or anywhere in the south let us know.. We'd love to play...

Monday Dec 22nd at State Theater in St Pete might be our last show of 03 so it's definitely
going to be a party and something you should try and make it out to if you can... There's no
school so there's no reason not to go, and if you didn't get a chance to snag our CD at the
release show you can pick one up.. Sweet... Hope to see ya there...

Lots of new updates and excitement of all sorts coming soon... Stay posted and keep rokken...

Friday Dec 19th CANCELED
Not 100 percent sure why.. something to do with double booking or something but the shows been

Monday Dec 22nd
State Theater
St Pete, FL
Chubby Tuff, As You Wish, Truly Sunday, Don King Lives In My Backyard, and Suckerpunch
7:00 PM $5/$7

That's possibly the last show of the year so definitely come out if you get the chance.. Pick up
a new CD and rock out with us.. Thanks for all the support.. hopefully we'll see ya soon...
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