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Email Update!

What's shakin? So we made it home from tour alive and well even though we almost didn't.. Taking
the wrong train from Manhattan to the Bronx and wandering around searching for your van at 3 am
for a couple hours isn't something I recommend... It seems every time we go out the tours just
keep getting better and better and this was no exception... Thanks so much to all the bands we
played with and kids we hung out with who made this tour awesome... Extra big props to our boy
Mike (Slur/Smeegle) for representing on this tour with us and doing a great job selling our
stuff and dealing with our crap... We definitely had a great time and can't wait to hit it up

Highs: Leaving, Megan's House, Freddy Vs Jason, Breakfast at Megan's House, Drill Sergeant Wake
Up Calls, Cul de Sac Football, Downtown Baltimore, CT Kids, Reject Clothing, Almost dying while
ordering food at Hubbas, Almost dying from eating food from Hubbas, Dorm room showers, Late
nights, The Sanctuary in Stroudsburg, Cruising the strip in half shirts and Pink Sweaters,
Vintage Porn, Crazy Mountain Roads, Incredible Scenery, Our boys in Your Day Stremph, Nu Metal
stickers on a sceney guys bedroom wall, New York City, Carson Daly Show, Nappy Roots, Jimmy
"Metal Erosion" Hubbard, Philly Cheese Steaks, Rage of the Needle Delaware Style, Lorenzo's
Pizza, Molesting the Rocky Statue, Shepherds College, Finding out people in West Virginia really
do know how to party, Free food in Painseville, Playing ROYGBIV with blast beats, Embracing our
Inner Goth in Columbus, El Mariachi 24 hour Mexican Food!!!, Getting to see pics of certain band
members with mullets from the Jr High days, Mike's amazing technique of insulting kids, Ashley
from Reckless Industry, Riz Vs Slur wrestlemania and the Insane amount of idiocy that followed
resulting in way too much exposure with the photographic evidence to prove it, and the sense of
satisfaction you get from not having to wake up and go to work the next morning...

Lows: 17 hours drives featuring engine problems and blowouts that rip the fender off your
trailer.. Playing a show for 12 kids following said drive... Getting sick, Shows with 2 local
bands that have a whopping 4 kids paid, 3 of which came to see us, the band from 1000 miles
away.. Being subjected to the stories of wannabe tough guys for far too long, 3 am wake up calls
from campus security, Pretentious Scenester kids (Florida has nothing on the scenester level of
the kids in NY ), Getting lost in the Bronx (mainly just the walking and the impending sense of
death), Getting sick, again, The aftermath of finding out people in West Virginia really know
how to party, Being propositioned by some not so savory locals in Painseville, Realizing none of
us own enough black to be cool in Columbus, Kid without enough geographical knowledge to know
Florida = Far, pretentious scenester kids (again), and coming home....

To anyone and anything I forgot, I'm sorry.. It's 2:45 AM, forgive me?

We've got a few shows coming up so try and make it out if you can. We're making our first ever
trip to South Florida this Friday so if you live in that area or know anyone that does try and
come out... We're also heading back to Texas from around Nov 7th to the 21st.. If anyone can
help us out this time around.. please get in touch... Take care, hope to see you soon...

Friday Sept 26th
Pompano Indoor Skatepark
Pompano, FL
Cru Jones, Prime Rib, Smartest Monkeys, As You Wish, The Audrey Sessions, Afraid Dave
Doors 7:30PM, $7

Saturday Sept 27th
4900 66th St.N
St Pete, Fl
Free Sample, As You Wish, Cru Jones, Full Xtent
Doors 7:00PM, $6

Friday Oct 10th
The Misson
Ocala, FL
As You Wish and more TBA
Doors 5:30PM

Florida Mini Tour with Austin Punk Rock Heroes Dynamite Boy (we really need help flyering these
dates so get in touch if you can help)

Tues Oct 14th: State Theater, St Pete, FL w/ Eyelit
Wed Oct 15th: Kadi's Corner Pocket, Sarasota, FL
Thurs Oct 16th, Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, FL
Fri Oct 17th, Venue TBA, Melbourne, FL
Sat Oct 18th, Will's Pub, Orlando, FL w/ Mashlin

Other bands, doors times, and cost etc coming soon...

That's it for now.. Thanks so much for the support, on tour and at home.. Hopefully you can make
it out to a show soon... Definitely need some help with setting up some good shows in Texas for
Nov and possibly making a run back up the East Coast in early December.. Get in touch if you can
help... Keep Rokken...
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